Linux Sources

chatclient-0.6.tar.gz   v0.6 stable

chatserver-0.6.tar.gz   v0.6 stable

chatclient-1.0.tar.gz   v1.0 stable

chatserver-1.0.tar.gz   v1.0 stable

The version 1.0 may cause some trouble with a file named "aclocal.m4". This file is autogenerated by kdevelop and I don't know what use it has.
The error which it cause can ignored.
Type make -i instead of make and all thing will be allright

Linux Binarys

Sorry, not released.

Windows Sources (need Microsoft Vitrual Machine)

German version v1.3 stable v1.3 stable

English version v1.3 stable

Windows Binarys (need Microsoft Vitrual Machine)

German version

WinClientG.exe v1.3 stable
WinServerG.exe v1.3 stable

English version

WinClientE.exe v1.3 stable