The program KChat is a program to chat with KDE and windows in Lan's(Internet is also useable).
The project has 4 parts: a client and a server, both for Linux and Windows.
How to configure and use in a multi platform network see here.
The server is not a daemon like common servers:
it is hided on start and docked in the systemTray(I know the actual windows version is different)
In case of a incoming connection it will be shown.
Then it can be used like the client for chatting.
So when you connect a host you can chat immediately.
A left click on the systemtray starts a client(to show the server without is rather stupid as default).
To show the server you must chose show in the menu.
When you close the server window it won't really be closed it only will be hided.(I know...)
There are only to ways to end the server:

1. You kill it (not nice for the socket!)
2. You chose Server shutdown from the systemtray contextmenu.

The filehandling makes it possible to load files up and down without using another protokoll.
The new version 1.0 is not complet compatible to the old version:
using a old chatserver and a new chatclient causes some not very beautifull errors:

* User which does not exist
* Trying to upload a file can cause a crash

the other case an old chatclient and a new chatserver should be save.
Please note that the windows version does not support file handling at all.
The data will be loaded up completly asyncron and not really affect the chat.(Maybe if you use an old modem and chat over the internet).